Wheres the Struggle?

By on February 4, 2016
lifes not fair


Now there’s a word banded about so much these days.

It seems like more and more we are conditioned that life should be a struggle.

So much so that we buy into that story and act it out, every day!

We blindly accept that we should be struggling and suffering, based on what we hear and are told and so we actually take that story and work hard to make it true.

I mean it must be true, everyone says so, everyone tells me life is hard so it must be true!

But what if I told you life can be easy?

I’ll bet some stories come into your head just to prove me wrong.

I know that because I had those stories and still do.

So I get it, I really do.

I’ve been there. Believed what everyone said.

You got to work hard, you got to sacrifice, grind, struggle etc etc. all words that infer difficulty.

and boy did I live up to it!

but it isn’t supposed to be.

Once you really realise and accept how little time you really have on this spinning orb, thats when you realise you can do anything you want.

And should go about it with all the passion and purpose you can muster.

Where is it written that if you do something that you truly love that it will be difficult?

Our fleeting presence is a mere speck in time and each day if you waste that time doing things that serve no purpose? is a travesty.

So listen up! It’s game time. You’re in, playing, right now, and the clock is ticking.

Yes you are, right here, right now!

So what are you going to do?

If you are only existing and surviving, doing something you loathe, when you have your dreams hidden away under lock and key, what has to happen for you to change that?

Make no mistake, in no time at all you will be gone, forever. So you better do whatever it is you’re going to do. Because once you time is up, it’s up.

You cannot turn back those hands of time.

So what do you do?

You replace clarity instead of confusion

By contracting to expand, removing the clutter and excess in your life that does not serve you, so you can provide the space to grow into who you really are.

So simplify the complexity. If it feels too hard, it is, so see how you can make it easier.

Do less not more, when did doing more make things simpler?

Find your true essence. when everything about who think you are is stripped back, the real you will remain, so have the courage to face yourself and find YOU.

Forget about survival and struggle

Focus on thriving and success.

We all have the ability to choose our own path to happiness, you just have to have the courage to stand up and find it.

What would success mean to you in your life?

What are you struggling with?

If you want help with finding out then get in touch.


Dean x

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