Weight Loss v Fat Loss

By on December 5, 2011

Weight LossOk, I am going on a rant, I am getting so bored with all the school playground talk these days.

And before you think “hey how old is this guy?”

I will explain… I love what I do, helping and educating and serving people to lead a fitter, healthier life and as part of that lifestyle I have the privilage of taking my son to school every day and I love it!

However, What I am getting bored with is the constant drone of mothers spouting the same old crap about losing weight and counting points and “I lost 3 pounds this week, so I went and treated myself to a chocolate bar!” or “I haven’t eaten all day because i am saving up my points/sins for a chinese takeaway tonight!” WTF!!!!

This is seriously screwed up and needs to be addressed!

When did we stop using our brains to think about what food actually is and start buying into this super market hype that must clearly state that ready meals are the best thing for you or buying pre peeled and chopped veg is the way forward!!

We need to get a grip people!!

I mean come on, when did this go so wrong?

As part of the same conversation I hear the same people complaining that their diet isn’t working or it is working but only because people are starving themselves and they look ill or so and so has pilled on loads of weight since they stopped going to their local slimming club…


Then I hear the same people telling everyone that they go to the gym 3-4 times a week and every one is giving congratulatory comments, but they have remained the same shape for months! Going to the gym and nattering to your mates or sitting on a stationery bike with your favourite gossip mag does not a great body make!

Ok, so listen up people.

You can have the body you want and the fitness you require to keep up with you kids and the energy to get through your day with a spring in your step. But you have got to want it, want it so bad you can taste it and be prepared to work to get it and that is possible!

So here it is….

1. Make a positive step by actually being honest with yourself and ask searching questions about yourself as to why you are doing the things you are doing and getting the same results over and over.

2. Ask your self what you actually want and why you want it. It is no good saying you want to lose weight and get fit, you need to say how much weight and how fit, and why you want it! So I want to lose 2 stone and get fit enough to do my first 1/2 marathon. Or I want to lost 1 stone and be a size 10 to rock my wedding dress on my big day. These are the goals you have to set. Have the BIG picture in your mind, the more accurate you make it and the more you see it, the greater chance you will achieve it.

3. When you come up with that answer (say you want to lost 2 stone in weight in the next 3 months), you have got to ask yourself again, why do I want to do this? The reason why you have to is because fat loss (notice I didn’t say weight loss) is hard work and you know that, because if it wasn’t you wouldn’t have been struggling with it for so long. If you find a strong enough “Why”, then you will be able to figure out how you are going to get there.

4. Weight loss isn’t necessarily fat loss!! with doing crazy points diets, when you lose weight, it isn’t just fat, it is muscle and even bone density. These types of Diets actually promote malnutrition, SERIOUSLY, is that what you really want? By eating properly and consuming good wholesome food whilst exercising correctly, you can actually drop FAT, and did you know by training CORRECTLY, you gain muscle tone, and more muscles burn more calories at rest!

5. Training, is massively important to your sense of well being, however, exercise and how to do it are not created equal. Exercise that is structured and designed to increase the rate in which fat is burned is much better than just doing the same thing over and over. Metabolic resistance training is a great way to increase your fitness and providing an awesome way to burn through your fat stores.

6. At this point you will hear the excuses pouring in in your mind, “I can’t fit this in”, “I can’t handle the nutrition plan”, (notice how I didn’t say diet?), “exercise is too hard”. But guess what? this is just your mind (that you have trained) just repeating all past failures up to this point, a habit that you have been reinforcing and so your mind believes that has to be the way it is! But guess what? habits can be changed and through hard work and motivation you can change this habit so that it actually works for you and helps you achieve. You have got to Believe in the process for you to achieve what you want.

7. TAKE Action!! find somebody who will motivate you, somebody who has a proven track record in health and fitness and somebody who guarantees the results you seek!! It is no good going back doing what you always did, because you will get what you always have done. NO EXCUSES, hold yourself accountable, don’t settle for second best, Find the BEST!! Cheap and best DO NOT go together.

My clients already know this and that is why they get amazing results month after month, by attending every session, acting on every piece of advice, not eating crap food and being motivated!

You have to put the work and effort in to reap the rewards…..over to you!

rant over!




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