Warrior Training

By on November 23, 2009
Warrior Training

I am a big believer in thinking outside the box, doing away with convention and finding another way, a better way, an even harder way of doing things. If it doesn’t make you uncomfortable, even fearful, it isn’t worth doing. It is these boundaries that you must push through to grow.

I see too many people at commercial gyms who do nothing. Sure they are there, but what are they really doing? Getting fit and strong? I doubt it. They justify it to themselves that they workout 3, 4 or even 5 times a week because they go to a gym. But what that really equates to is that they go to the gym that many times. Do they put the work in? Not really, they go to meet their mates or sit on a stationary or recumbent bike for an hour, achieving very little and wondering why they are still out of shape. I was talking to someone last week who trains weights in the morning and does classes in the evening. No program to speak of! WTF? From what they were saying they could take it down to a third of what they are doing now and be better off and get better results.

Get in, Get out!

People need to get off their arses and start putting some effort in. My motto for training is “Get in and get out”. If it is a strength day I will be looking at least 2 or even three personal bests to be broken, if I don’t I am really not happy with myself and you can bet your bottom dollar that it will drive me to push harder the next time. I want to get in there spend quality time in there and get home with the job done.

If it is conditioning then I am looking at one more round than the previous week or Jumping higher, faster or longer than I have before. Doing this shows me I am improving. Whether it is one of the strength factors (maximal, speed, explosive) or Conditioning via GPP, HIIT or tabata protocols, I want to see improvement.

Time Limit

If I achieve that before the cortisol starts kicking in at around 45 minutes then I am a happy man. I always aim for max effort in the shortest time. I might feel tired straight afterwards, but it doesn’t last long as my recovery these days is pretty good. Why? Because I am consistent and I don’t shy away from difficult training, I embrace it.

Praise indeed

I was training not long ago, doing a burpee pyramid, when one of the guys in the gym commented that you can get the measure of someone when they train alone and do burpees by choice. I am not trying to show how great I am, what i am trying to emphasis is simply this:

Get in there, Do the hard stuff and get out to recover.

Be a warrior, push the envelope.




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