Transformation vs Change

By on August 3, 2015
Transformation vs change

Rather Than TEMPORARY Change?

Do you know the difference?

Heres the thing…



Change is most often TEMPORARY.

Change is transient and means “to make different”, but doesn’t specify how long the change will be or what kind of change it is

This usually represents short term change as it can be influenced and swayed almost daily and can be influenced by other things and other people.




Transformation is PERMANENT

To transform means to take a different form, to perpetuate forward motion and not regress.

When you accept that you no longer want a quick fix or a diet or a meal plan, but realise your PURPOSE is to thrive and not just survive, you will move heaven and earth to become that person.

Knowing what your purpose is a BIG catalyst to transformation. No longer will you be easily be swayed to deviate from what you want. you just need to recognise that what you want is possible and you do not need to conform to others ideas and principles or comments.

So how to you Transform?

By removing the blocks preventing you from moving forwards.

By finding the answer to the questions preventing you moving forwards and then creating the strategy from those answers will help you create that transformation faster, easier and with less stress, struggle and suffering than you’ve become accustomed to.

The best way to is to find a coach who can help and guide you past the obstacles you have in your mind. Quite often you don’t even know what they are. What you think is the reason is often not.

The thing is not the thing

So gain clarity and purpose on who YOU are and what you want and every day you will show up as the truest form you can be, not a shadow of who you are.

Be True (to yourself)
Be Courageous (to be you)
Be Happy (for you)

Dean x

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