There is ALWAYS Time!

By on November 11, 2013
No Time Like the Present

I am sure most of you guys are like me, trying to juggle the work life balance.

I get insanely busy, my mind is on constant overdrive with an ideas book bulging with information on how I can help the people of the is world with their fitness goals.

Today was always going to be a busy day and a struggle to get training in.

However that is NO excuse.

It is easy to turn around and say you cannot get the planned training session in and not do anything.

Easy to just skip the session and put your feet up and think Bollocks to it I haven’t got time

There is ALWAYS time!

you don’t need to spend hours in a gym to get a result, most people who do are on the completely wrong track anyway.

Getting in shape doesn’t have to take long

So what if you  cannot get your planned training session in.

Cut that shit loose.

Find Something you can do in 20 minutes, 10 minutes what ever fits and believe me if you think you cannot get a good training session in in 10 minutes you are sadly mistaken.

So if you find yourself short on time, DO NOT use it as an excuse. Find a way.

Anything short of Training is an excuse.

Here are some Ideas…

Put 10 minutes on the clock and see how many burpees you can do in that time.

Too Easy?

put a push up at the bottom? still not busting a gut? had a tuck jump in at the top

If you have a weight vest put that on. Increase the resistance until 10 minutes later you are crawling out of the session.

As you know there should be NO easy sessions. You simply will not grow, your body needs a new stimulus to adapt.

But don’t get easy and simple mixed up here. Doing one exercise for 10 minutes is simple, but crank up the intensity and you will wish you were finished quick enough!


Since I was running behind, I had minimal time to get my training in, But I still got it in!

Here is what I nailed today, you can get creative with this if you haven’t got the equipment I used.

There is Always a way!

Only six exercises, I went for 30 seconds of each and 10 seconds of rest in between:

  • KB swings
  • Renegade Rows
  • Squats
  • Squat Jumps
  • Dead Lifts
  • Push Ups

Sound too easy?

do single arm kb swings, add dumbbells to the renegade row, add dumbbells or kettlebells for goblet squats, use resistance like a med ball for the squat jumps, make the dead lifts heavier, do weighted push ups.

Whatever it takes to make it just beyond your level.

Remember we are looking at a short window of time here. I went for 4 rounds because of time and took around 17 minutes, you can add or take away rounds.

I wanted to add resistance so this is what I went for:

  • Double kettlebell swings
  • Dumbbell Renegade Row Push ups
  • Double Kettlebell Squats
  • Squat Jumps
  • Double Kettlebell deadlifts
  • Depth Push Ups.

There is only one ingredient missing that I added to make it as intense as I wanted it…..

A weight vest.

Adding to your own body weight and adding resistance is a sure fire way to push the limits and work both your strength and conditioning. Weight vests are perfect for that.

In this case, it increased the intensity and kicked my ass!

Remember, there is no excuse to miss a session. Find a way!

To you strength and Health



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