The Power Of Gratitude

By on February 25, 2016
power of gratitude

What are you grateful for?

I am seeing more and more when I don’t practice gratitude, I find myself focusing on the wrong things…

Why my business idea has not worked?

Why are they having a go at me?

Why did that client not ring me back?

Why is this process so difficult?

Why is someone being ungrateful?

When this happens I realise one thing. I am not practising gratitude myself.

So I remind my self that all of that does not matter and focus on the things I am grateful for.

We get so focused on what we want, that we forget to be GRATEFUL for what we have.

We get caught up in what we are not getting, we forget the wonderful things right in front of us.

When was the last time you STOPPED thinking about all the things you want to achieve or what you haven’t got and think about what you already have?

If you are in good health, you have all your limbs, you can see, hear, smell, taste of if you can walk or exercise, be thankful.

If you have a family, wife, kids, parents, be thankful

These are things to be grateful for, which the majority of us take for granted.

Don’t wait until you haven’t got these things to realise what you had was so precious. Be grateful today.

Practice gratitude now and every day. Stop and think about what wonderful things you have and really appreciate that you have them.

Focus on the abundance all around us and not the lack.

It is so easy to place your whole focus one one small thing that isn’t going right, and forget about all the other things we have that are really more important, that are going right, that are amazing.

So what is really important to you that you may be taking for granted?

If its your health, take steps to improve it.

If it is a relationship with yourself, your partner, your siblings, your parents, friends, then be thankful to yourself and those you hold dear.

Gratitude opens the door and closes the door

It opens the gate and closes the gate.

Gratitude is the way to the life you choose.

Thank you for reading.


Truth, Courage & Happiness

Dean x

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