The Carlsberg Accumulator

By on March 11, 2015

Training Accumulator

I love those carlsberg adverts

Where carlsberg don’t do…

<Insert thing they don’t do>…






but if they did it would probably be the best experience in the world

you get the picture!


In my training and for my clients I always look at thinking a bit outside the box, to do different challenges and keep things fresh.

It may be that you are starting out and you want a challenge

or you don’t have a load of time

either way this training session will reach parts others fail to reach.


It is simple to perform but can be brutal. The first 5 exercises are the core exercises, each round you add or accumulate another exercise to perform. So essentially you do a total of 7 rounds. It is designed to rest your lower body as you work the upper and vice versa, working through each muscle group.

Each round increasing by one exercise every time.

Lets check it out…..


perform the first 5 exercises, rest 60-120 seconds afterwards, then each time add the next one from the list until you get to 11 exercises,

7 rounds in total.

perform each exercise for 10 reps

For the weighted exercises, look for a weight that you could perform 12 reps for.

If you don’t have some of the equipment, substitute the exercise.


Starting Exercises:

Push ups

Bodyweight squats

Inverted Bodyweight Rows


KB swings


Accumulator Exercises

Barbell deadlift

Barbell high pull

Db press

Goblet squat

DB Renegade Row

assisted squat jump with straps


See how far up the accumulator you get.

As always, look at thinking outside the box with your training, whether your goal is strength or conditioning, this training session will increase your General physical preparedness (GPP) to improve both.

Let me know your thought below


To your strength and Health




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