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  • Awesome Conditioning
    Awesome Intervals

    I always look forward to a conditioning session, call me  masochist but I need to be pushing my limits every training session. To get anywhere in life you have to get comfortable being uncomfortable. There is no...

    • Posted September 23, 2010
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  • Med Ball Plyometrics
    Medicine Ball Plyometric Training

      Hey, hope everyone is doing great, feeling good and getting into great shape. I cranked out an amazing conditioning session today and thought i would share it with you. Latest Craze People are always looking for...

    • Posted September 2, 2010
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  • 20 Rep Shuffle
    20 Rep Shuffle

    Hey there, just wanted to post up my training session from today. You don’t need much equipment to put yourself through a gruelling training session. As you can see from the picture, a box, med ball, a...

    • Posted August 25, 2010
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  • Body weight Squat
    Circuit Training Variations

    I have been playing around with different circuits to keep things interesting and thought I’d share this cool conditioning circuit. Using  the “integrated circuit  training” principle, I created a 10 station circuit using a combination of body weight...

    • Posted May 18, 2010
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  • Heavy Bag Conditioning

    Ever used a heavy bag or punch bag for conditioning? Unless you have a martial arts or boxing background I doubt many people would have. However you don’t need to be a fighter to use one, they...

    • Posted March 11, 2010
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