Recommended Products

I have compiled a list of resources that i use myself. I trust the companies and know most of the owners.

If I don’t use it I WILL NOT recommend it. I only recommend top quality stuff.

Fitness Equipment Companies

Z-Trainer – A great suspension strap training tool, top quality.

GymBoss  For a great interval timer solution you can’t go far wrong. 

Wolverson Fitness
 – Great equipment store for kettlebells, resistance bands, bars, balls etc. Always ring up and ask for a deal because they always give you one.

Supplement Companies

Phil Richards Performance – I love their Alkalising salts, amino work capacity, cardio fuel, ultimate fish oil and collagen formula.

Lean Greens – In My opinion the best mixed green supplement on the market.

Aliment Nutrition – A great general supplement range.

AST Enzymes– The highest quality enzymes and probiotics.

Food Suppliers

Laverstoke Park Farm – The importance of eating high quality, grass fed, drug free meats can not be stressed enough. This is the place to get them.


The Get Lean Cook Book – Over 200 free from recipes.

Paleo Recipe Book– Over 370 easy Paleo recipes.

Guilt Free Deserts – 50 simple, all natural, gluten free desert recipes.

Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals– The author is my friend and has made me some mind blowing meals.

Workout Programs