Spice up your Training Tabata Style!

By on May 20, 2010
Med Ball Slam

There may be some of you thinking, so what is this tabata thing all about? well I ain’t gonna bore you with the science behind it other than it’s named after someone and it is a great conditioning protocol. Thats all you need to know!

Tabata Style!

So how do you train tabata style? the answer is any which way as long as it involves 20 seconds of fast paced exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest, with each exercise having 8 rounds. It can make for a tough 4 minutes if you are flat out. It can be bodyweight, with weight, a mixture, anything that you can go at a fast pace.

Short on Time?

These drills are perfect when you are short on time. They are anaerobic and crank your metabolism right up, with it sitting raised for up to 24 hours after the event. Thats right, higher metabolism = more calories burned even resting afterwards!

Of course that means exactly squat if you then go and eat crappy foods. It may sound boring but the nutrition part goes hand in hand if you want to shave some lard off!

Anyway, it just so happens that today I was short on time so after a warm up on my heavy bag, I tagged 4 exercises together to really crank up a tabata style workout!

doesn’t have to 4, hell it could be 3 or 5, point is though is that you have to be able to maintain this fast pace to its end

Example Workout

I cranked out this workout earlier, using a combination of bodyweight exercises and a medicine ball for good measure!

Here goes:

  1. Flex strap rows – inverted bodyweight rowing with straps.
  2. Med ball Slams.
  3. squats and alternating with lunges with the med ball.
  4. Pushups (variations).

I added a core finisher at the end of ab wheel rollout’s and hanging leg raises, it is up to you whether you want to tag anything on the end!

it may sound easy, but keeping a fast pace and doing these exercises for 8 rounds each can result in 16 minutes of hell. If it is easy, make it harder, the challenge it to yourself, not to me.

What are your favourite exercises you could plug into tabata training?, fire the comments in and lets find out!

stay fit and train hard

Dean Coulson



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