Remove the Safety Net

By on May 3, 2017
safety net

The truth is…

as much as life should be effortless

it isn’t, we always get in our own way.

Every time I do I look at my 12 year old son he always wears the biggest smile.

He is always happy and full of fun.

He teaches me that maybe I was lied to

maybe life isn’t hard

maybe life isn’t difficult

hard or difficult is just the definition we choose to believe

maybe we were told life was hard by parents, friends, family.

Then we prove it over and over to validate that what we believe is right.

Sometimes though we refuse to face up to the times when it feels hard.

when you decide to chase your dreams it may get a little messy

There may be ups and downs

any time you decide to grow, to become a better version of yourself

a 2.0 or maybe a 3.0 🙂

the growth feels uncomfortable.

staying right where you are now is safe and that is cool if it’s what you want.

But the thing is staying where you are right now is far from safe

because the reality is that one day you will look back with regrets

and wish you’d done something about it

I embrace growth, it has felt hard in the past and will again

as I work though the BS stories I have bought into that I have allowed to hold me back

I know the road less traveled will lead me to become a better version of myself

Pain is necessary to grow

Suffering is not

Always look at what feels good, what feels light

allow your intuition to guide you.

allow yourself to appreciate all that you are and all that you have

be grateful for this amazing life you have

each pain is a lesson to grow and expand

I find the best way to move forwards is to spend time with like minded people

who have walked the path and know what I will be going through and who give me the space to grow

If you’re looking to grow too and you want some support along your journey then send me a message now and we’ll have a conversation

Truth, Courage & Happiness



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