Pushing Mental Boundaries

By on April 9, 2010
pushing boundaries

How often do you really go for something? I mean really go balls out to achieve your goals?

How far do you go and do you keep going until you achieve it?

What are you trying to achieve? Maybe it’s further education or a promotion at work, losing that fat that has accumulated over the years, keeping up with your kids or getting a personal best at the gym. Everyone has a motivation for what they want to achieve, what is yours?

Comfort zones

To get anywhere in this life you have to want to go beyond your comfort zone, way beyond in fact so that it feels so damn uncomfortable. Too many people in this world plod along mindlessly, too afraid to do anything about their dreams. A lot of the time they listen too much to what other people say, and in doing so keeping themselves back because these people don’t have the bollocks to try it themselves and instead keep others down to their level. People fear change and if they see someone else doing it their natural response is to try and hold them back so they won’t be left behind.

Well don’t let anybody do this!! No matter who it is! Move forward and get uncomfortable and when this is achieved you are going to have to do it again and again, constantly being in an “uncomfortable state” if you like. This is how we grow, to push our boundaries in our lives so that we can enrich them.

What holds us back?

Fear, Doubt, apprehension – that uncomfortable feeling in the pit of our stomach, the anxiety that makes us feel  sick and makes us doubt what we are doing sometimes before you even start. That little voice inside our heads, your subconscious that keeps us back is the voice echoing what you have done all your life, it only does what you have trained it to do, so start educating it!

What you have to remember is that fear is just an emotion, it does not hold substance. It can be overridden.

Do it anyway!

Do what you want to do regardless of how you feel and you can achieve great things. You will eventually become desensitised to its affects.

UNLOCKEDThat is until the next thing you want to do and then the cycle repeats. However, the more you tackle these feelings the more used to it you will be and you will be better equipped in the future to deal with them.

Realise your Potential!

Too many people are stopped in their tracks by fear and never realise their dreams. What I am saying here is realise your potential and go for it. DO NOT let anything hold you back, believe in yourself, keep pushing your boundaries and you will get to where you want to be.

Eliminate Fear

Remember, the key is in handling this emotion, if you are not careful it can devour you,fear_tortoise completely paralysing you by its effects. YOU MUSTN’T LET IT DO THIS. The sick feeling, the shaking, the dry mouth, the tunnel vision, it is all the affect of adrenaline, the fight or flight syndrome, built to protect us for 1000’s of years, but in modern society it can be a completely misplaced ideal.

Remember it is only adrenaline, a reaction to a stimulus, a by product of feeling anxious or stressed. Don’t let it control you, understand it and you can be it’s master to harness it for your own gains.

Fear is the friend of exceptional people, get used to it and utilise it!


to your health and strength




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