Overfed But Starving to Death

By on March 14, 2012
Today I would like to bring you a quick video, a video that gives you a simple truth…. the vast majority of people are overweight, overfed and starving.

As a species, especially in the western world, a vast majority of people over eat on a daily basis on nutrient deficient foods, leaving them overweight and starving, starving because these foods lack the basic nutrients a body needs to function normally.

In our “modern society” we have opted for the quick fix, the easy option, because we believe that we do not have the time to look after ourselves and that it doesn’t really matter. Our focus is always on other things and god forbid that we would spend time and money on ourselves to become healthier when better life then we can waste it on eating food and drinking things that are quite frankly killing us slowly.

We need to start thinking more about ourselves, stop seeking solace in the nearest bar or burger joint and stand up and be counted.
Stop looking for answers, stop looking for the quick fix, stop thinking that you cannot do something. You can, stop taking your life for granted, stand up and take control of it, in the end it comes down to you, deep down you know what you have to do, face up to it.
If you want a better life then do something about it!
yours in health
To your health

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