Overcoming Your OWN Objections

By on September 4, 2014

When people come to me for help there is usually a number of “reasons” why they stop themselves from their weight loss struggles. Lets see which ones you can relate too…

#1 Your “Problems”

If there’s going to be problems before you start any weight loss journey, then are you going to start it at all?

“I’ve got a wedding function, a hen do, a birthday, then after that it’s Christmas 2017 so i can’t really commit. But I really do want to change my life”.

You either see problems in every opportunity or opportunities in every problem. Which one is it?


#2 “I’ve got to ask my husband”

Why do you have to ask permission from your husband if it’s OK to start doing something that will make you a happier healthier person…

But then the last thing you would do is ask if it’s OK to buy the 3 pairs of shoes and the 2 dresses you have hidden at the back of the wardrobe?


#3 “I’m a fussy eater”

It means you have bought into a story about food. Something happened to make you believe you don’t like something, even if it was 30 years ago. You were not born not liking food, you built a story why you didn’t. Stories can be changed.fussy eater

What you really mean is that you love the stuff that you’re eating now. The stuff that doesn’t really serve you well, that makes you unable to look at yourself in the mirror. The very same food that’s making you really unhappy, but you’re NOT willing to give it up for no one and no one will tell you different.


#4 “I don’t have time”

You know that you have to start looking after yourself and now is the time to do something for you. You’ve made a decision to start working on a NEW you.
But there’s just not enough time in your day to do it. So the decision to change was a brief one and you’re sticking with the OLD you.

How is that going to serve you and your family if you are not 100%. How can you give them 100%?


#5 “I don’t believe I can change”

You want to lose weight, but you have tried and failed so many times that you don’t believe it’s possible to reach. So you’ll always live in fear of trying in case you fail again.  You think reaching for what you desire is impossible.

So it’s better not to ask for it at all, and stop trying.

Well guess what?….It is possible.

Only you can change it. But you are going to have to work hard at it and not stop until you have achieved it.


#6 “What will they think of me?”

Fear of Judgement is the BIGGEST fear humans have.

Worrying too much about what other people might think or say, rather than thinking about yourself and what you want. Wondering what they will think of you and you’re new body shape, fitness and strength levels.

It’s natural to think that and sometimes people do judge you. But only because they are not brave enough to do it themselves. It is far easier to pull someone down from a tree, than to climb up yourself.

Ask yourself this? is that what a true friend does? Those people always stop you from doing what you want to do.


#7 “I need someone to come with me”Yes no maybe

You have made a decision to change, which is awesome. But you want to be hand held. you want moral support.  You want someone to come along with you to change too, and you won’t go without them.

Hang on though, Aren’t you doing this for YOU? is it not time to take the first step yourself? to be brave and go and grab your life with both hands and seek out the happiness you are so desperate for?


#8 “I’m still going to do my own thing”

Hey Deano. As much as I am inspired by the results you get with your clients and heard great stuff about what you do and I am desperate to join.

“I am gonna give the same diet a go that I have tried for the last 10 years and keep eating the same foods as i was before that never shifted the weight”

“I am going to do the same exercise classes that weren’t working for me before, because if i do more of the stuff that didn’t work for me then……..it will work”

Very common and unfortunately why a lot of people stay the same.

As Einstien said, repeatedly doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is madness!


#9 “I’m not willing to invest in myself”

“I am ready to change this time and do this for me. I don’t know how do it so I need your help”

But if you are not willing to put the investment in yourself, financially and time wise then you will keep doing Number #8 above.

You have to put some “skin in the game” to invest in your health, otherwise you will get no results at all.

People put so little importance on their health now it is scarey. They would rather invest in drinking and eating binges to run away from the problems they have to face, which makes them more miserable.

How many cheap fad diets, gyms, exercise classes, and programs have you stuck to, and how many of them are getting you results right now?


#10 “It’s not the right time!”

If you get a gut feeling that it’s not the right time then i always say go with your feeling.

But if you have been saying it for a few weeks, months or even years, how long are you going to keep listening to that feeling?

If it’s been months…then that’s not a gut feeling.

It’s a sign of normality and being comfortable.

Its a sign of fear of change


the only question is, are you ready for that first step? Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone, make the change and and turn your life around?

Let me know below


to your strength and health






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