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By on January 18, 2016
believe in yourself

I watched the film “theory of everything” at the weekend about Prof Stephen Hawking’s life. What an incredible person, who despite everything has continued to amaze the world.

He literally chose to do what he set out to do despite the medical profession giving him only 2 years to live.

Now this condition is very real and life threatening and yet he defied EVERYONE!

You see in his early 20’s he was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease otherwise known as ALS. A brilliant man with the world at his feet, I can not even imagine being told you have 2 years to live.

I have known a few people with this condition, who were told they had a short life span and accepted their fate, most without thought or challenge.

Professor Hawkings is now 74!

He simply chose that he had too much to offer the world and too much to discover that he decided that his time was not up.

There are things in life that come easy and some that are challenging and no doubt this was a challenge that I would not wish on anybody.

but here’s what I found totally fascinating about his story.

It reMINDed my how much the power of the mind is incredible!
it can manifest things both good and bad. It can debilitate you, it can create euphoria and pleasure.

Prof Hawkings was a man that simply refused to give up, no matter what happened to him.

In life you can have anything you want, no matter what happens, it is how you choose to react and respond to it.

You can have anything you attract, so focus on what you do want, have the faith and belief to see it through everyday through your thoughts, words AND Actions.

Thinking and saying is not enough we must DO!

Anything is possible.

It made me re-evalute everything. Myself, my business and relationships, everything.

Because even though we all perceive problems, we make them real. But after watching this film I thought how insignificant mine all were.

Thats why I do what I do, to help people see beyond the walls they construct for themselves.

to help them get on track. Action crushes doubt. I know its true. its the only thing that works for me.

Taking imperfect action, stepping up despite how I felt (and I struggled with this a lot)

In life I believe we have to remove the excess. Contract to expand.

Minimise all the superfluous to find the real you.

To cut the baggage loose and find the courage to face your truths and stories. To challenge everything you have come to accept and believe.

The truth is, it is simply understanding and KNOWING the real you and BEING who you were meant to be.

To love who you are and BE who you really are, every day.

To speak from the heart with confidence and understand your values.

To show up everyday and ENJOY life BEING you!

If you have decided to find out how to find the real you, to strip away the stories to be laid bare and find happiness and want help to do it, then simply get in touch with me.


Truth, Courage & Happiness

Dean x


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