Meet Dean

Dean Coulson is in his words is a “complete fitness fanatic” and has been for as long as he can remember.

A complete Nutrition and Fitness “Geek” is how he would describe himself if you asked him.

So much so that he decided to leave his lucrative job in IT to start up his own company Health and fitness company Phoenix Performance Training, based  in the UK. He has took it upon himself to create a fitness experience like no other. He got sick of seeing so many people who were in desperate need to improve the lives through health and fitness and decided to help as many people as he could, in his local area and worldwide!

His own personal Journey defined his love of human performance, nutrition and health. His mother was ill through his teen years and so he embarked on a fitness regime to avoid the same. Later, unable to conceive naturally, he embarked on an exploration of nutrition and health so that he and his wife could have children. Injuries from his sporting activities made him seek out why bodies break down and how they can be fixed.

He has been involved in the martial arts for over 30 years, studied several martial arts to black belt level, and is a certified self protection instructor and is one of the few people who has studied under the world renowned Geoff Thompson and his real combat system to 2nd Dan.

An international best selling author of the fit formula, he also spends his time writing for various publications including being a feature writer on Nutrition for the UK’s biggest selling Martial arts magazine – Martial Arts Illustrated.

He is also a regular article contributor on various strength and conditioning websites, and regularly hosts discussions on various social media platforms for other fitness professionals and fitness enthusiasts around the world. He also regularly mentors other trainers in the UK and across the world in nutrition and training advice.

Dean also loves presenting and regularly talks in schools, businesses and regularly presents on his own courses and has been a speaker for other people including Bafta Award Winning writer Geoff Thompson.  He loves sharing his knowledge of health and nutrition and how emotional healing is the key to unlocking your true potential.

Martial arts still play a big part of his life and he provides workshops and seminars in personal security and self protection to corporate clients and the general public.

“Health is a massive journey for everyone. I take pleasure in the fact that I am still learning and developing and increasing my knowledge and helping as many people as I can do the same. If you want to follow me or get in touch, find me on social media”.