Life By Numbers

By on January 23, 2016
Dean Coulson - Life By Numbers

Now here’s a common theme….

People sacrificing their health in order to achieve what they feel is success.

And normally it is a number. whether it it how much they make, or a number on a scale. This number comes at the detriment of your health and here’s why…

How long does that feeling of success last when you end up sick or worse, diagnosed with a disease?

Less time than you think!

and Yes, people can take dieting to extremes for the number on a scale, and dieting is NOT health!

How often have scales stole smiles in your life?

We are conditioned to think that it is all about the hustle and grind, that you are not a success unless you have a big bank balance or you are a size zero.

But heres the thing and its a well known saying…

all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. But not only that it can make Jack a sick boy too!

Life is for living, RIGHT NOW.

Not for when you are retired. Whats the point of driving yourself into the ground earning and working to the detriment of your health when you are no longer here to enjoy it?

Look, I know you have to work to have what you want. but lets get some perspective!

it is how we are defining success. its arse about face.

success is having your health and enjoying your life, everything else comes after that.

its about the journey, NOT the destination. Because more often than not, once you reach the destination, whether it is a financial goal or a number on the scale, I’ll dare bet you will feel no different, in fact you will probably feel deflated.


because the destination does not change anything!

The first step to success is understanding yourself. loving yourself and accepting you are enough just BEing YOU!

You have to START living, stop hiding from your truths. those stories you have buried because you do not want to face up to them.

The only time you have to move forwards is RIGHT NOW!

Be honest with yourself?

How is your health?

Are you full of energy? full of vitality? fit? awake?


Then its time to make a change.

Be brutally honest with yourself.

Have the courage to look directly at what is holding you back and release yourself from it.

The worst place you can be is a place of regret. when your health has deteriorated and you realise that there are things you haven’t achieved, you haven’t been happy or fulfilled and there is precious little you can do about it.

The time is now. time to change. Time to look after you.

If you want to start really living a happy, fulfilled life and fix the health issues you have that have held you back.

then get in touch, message me


Dean x


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