Is Your Goldfish Sick?

By on November 18, 2015
Sick Fish -

Change your Environment for Success

Something to think about…

If you have ever had a goldfish that is sick, what is the first thing you do? you change the water i.e. you change the environment.

So why are we any different?

You have to change what is around you if it doesn’t serve you.

If it doesn’t inspire you it will hold you back.

You can keep going trying to change yourself in the same environment,

but that takes will power and we run out of that pretty quick.

we only get a certain amount everyday before it gets used up.

So WILLPOWER is as reliable as a chocolate teacup… teabag… t-shirt….?.

If its not reliable, so don’t count on it.


Temptation will trump will power every time.

and temptation is all around

So what is the answer?

Be inspired, find your purpose, find your passion

Build an environment and a support network that helps you get to what you really want

if it is about health, losing weight or getting fit then this is what I would recommend…

• If food is in your house, you’ll eat it. So don’t have that food in your house that doesn’t move you towards your better health.

• If your gym is boring, you won’t go. So find something you get excited to go to. Take a friend to work out with and keep accountable with, or go and find somewhere to make new friends who want what you want.

• If you wait till you feel full of energy to workout, you’ll never do it. So schedule it like an appointment. You will get energy BY working out and getting that buzz.

• If you’re surrounded by people who don’t support your goals, they will likely hold you back. Join Assert Fitness and get yourself a strong social support network of fit and healthy people who are as awesome as you

So what are you waiting for?

The definition of madness is keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. So if you are sick of the same thing you gotta change something.

So what are you gonna change?






Dean x

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