Integrated Circuit Training

By on November 7, 2009

Integrated circuit training is a great full body conditioning concept with the idea of combining several exercises in to one circuit, which should be done as fast as possible. The idea of training in such a fashion is to get a good balance of power, strength and endurance during your training session. An additional benefit of training this was is to teach your body how to dig deep and push through fatigue, which will inevitably happen training this way.

Literally anything goes within the circuit and anything can be used. It could be based on just bodyweight or other devices could be thrown into the mix. Doing this type of training will force you go through the fatigue and make you dig deep to get through it.

Undoubtedly by doing such drills you will build an indomitable spirit and toughen your mental resolve along the way. You can blend an endless assortment of exercises into a circuit, which may be brief, but will inevitably be intense conditioning circuits. To give you an example:

  1. 15 Burpees
  2. 15 med ball slams
  3. 15 pushups
  4. 100 rope turns
  5. Shadow boxing

Each exercise in the circuit should continue on from the last without stopping. Once the round is complete then you can rest if you need to but keep it minimal (no more that 30-60 seconds). Repeat this for 8-10 sets. Try and aim for the fastest time. This can be as hard or as easy as you want it to be, but I encourage you to push the envelope and dig deep.
This routine can be made harder by varying the burpee, by adding a pushup at the bottom for example, Pushups could be normal, push throughs or plyometric. Keep the rope turn cadence high using high knees or double unders for the rope. Shadow boxing can be done with or without a light weight. It is possible in the later sets that the shadow boxing could be taken as active rest if really needed. Another ICT circuit example could be:

  1. Pushups
  2. Pull-ups
  3. Burpees
  4. Chin ups
  5. Squats

Again repeat for rounds as fast as possible. The principle is there to think outside the box, make your own circuits, the possibilities are infinite.

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