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By on March 5, 2013

burnHi Guys

Todays session was all about ramping up conditioning and for me getting back on the fitness trail.

I have let work get in the work of late if I am honest, my life work balance has been seriously F**ked up so I haven’t been getting the training in that I would have liked.

All work and no play makes Dean a Pain in the arse to live with, who would have thought that living your passion and working it would lead to more irregular training. No ones fault but my own, but there you go, shit happens and I am only human!

Partner that with ongoing injury niggles and rehab (shoulder issue and post op with my knee) and I backed away, not my usual style at all, but when you love what you do every day with such intense passion, it just doesn’t seem like work and things take over.

So the line was drawn, time to get back in the saddle, time to up my game, hell it is time to bring my A game, after all no other game is worth considering.

Time to nail everything down now, upped the strength and conditioning this week and set myself some short and longer term achievements I want to make.

I don’t normally set fitness goals other than more reps, heavier weights etc, but this time it is different.

Bodyweight mastery is what my goals are this year, but I will be supplementing this with various other drills using  various tools and objects.

As I said, the name of the game today is density conditioning, the beauty of this drill today is that you can regress or progress it, do 1 part, 2 or all 3 depending on time or fitness levels. That being said you should always push to get it done, no excuses.

So 3 parts, each 7 minutes long, 4 exercises per part each done for 8 reps…

Part 1

8 Push ups

8 Dbl KettleBell box squats

8 Inverted strap rows

8 Db Lunges (Each Leg)

Rest for 1 – 2 minutes based on your general physical preparedness (GPP). Aim to get the rest below this though.

Part 2

8 Thruster Push Ups (Push up and squat thrust combo)

8 Six Step get Downs (6 high knee sprints followed by a sprawl into a push up position). Aim to move through this as fast as possible

8 Med Ball Slams

8 Side Lunges (Each Side)

Rest for 1 – 2 minutes based on your general physical preparedness (GPP). Aim to get the rest below this though.

Part 3

8 Push up to Db renegade Row

8 Ab Wheel Roll Outs

8 Burpee Push Ups

8 Squat Jumps

Remember the name of the game is discomfort, No one got anywhere doing the easy stuff, you have to put yourself through the forge, both physically and mentally if you are going to succeed.

If you don’t have the equipment substitute bodyweight exercises instead, just get the job done!

Yours in strength

Dean Coulson


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