I’m TOO Busy

By on February 8, 2016
Too Busy

I’m TOO busy!

How often have you said that?

I know I have said it A LOT over the years!

But here’s the thing…

We always have time to improve.

Yes, seriously there is always time!

it is easy to say “I haven’t got time”… but that isn’t true is it?

in reality it is most often because you don’t see the value in it.

So if you wanted to lose weight but haven’t got the time, its really because you may think that you should, but you haven’t got a compelling reason to.

But have you asked yourself why?

Because in reality, if you just thought about it, you may just come up with that compelling reason to change and stop buying into a bullsh*t story holding you back!

Because that is ALL they are!

We hold onto them for dear life as justification why you cannot achieve what you want or do what you dream of doing.

So I am calling you out.

Because there is ALWAYS time!

Maybe you want time to…

  • Play with and keep up with your kids,
  • be a great role model for your kids so they grow up fit and healthy
  • complete a challenge like a 5k run to raise money for a charity close to your heart.
  • Land your dream job (but don’t feel you are good enough)
  • get that bikini bod back
  • get into your mighty fine wardrobe hanging in the cupboard.

The truth is, once you find the real reason.

That reason you will move heaven and earth to achieve?

Then suddenly you will find the time and realise you were never really that busy after all.

I have been there,

My wife and I were told we couldn’t have kids.

So we had a compelling reason to find a way and make the changes and to live a healthier active lifestyle and understand what true health meant. (and its not what the media and supermarkets tell you believe me!)

Thats how we have a beautiful thriving son. Because we didn’t accept what the doctors said

So the only reason  you are holding yourself back is the story you listen to.

The one you created, because lets face it, you weren’t born with it, you put it in there.

So stop using whatever story you are hanging on to as an excuse why you cannot improve your life, because you can, you can have and do anything you choose.

So change the story and it might just change your life.

If you want help to become the person so desperate to escape your current situation.

then get in touch

Let me know what you are struggling with and we can connect and have a chat.


Truth, courage & happiness


Dean x


P.s. In case you are thinking that you cannot, my belief is greater than your doubt. just take the first step to see… I dare you 🙂

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