If Today was your Last Day

By on October 27, 2015
Dean Coulson - Happiness

As humans we seem to just live for the chase

we use every reason to keep moving every day

thinking what we want is in the next fad or diet

(want meaning to make you happy)

the next house, car, holiday

the next bag, shoes, clothes

finding the right partner, having kids

hoping to be finally content, to be fulfilled and happy

but the answer is never there,

so we keeping looking…

We keep tripping over the truth and ignore it

the answer is right in front of us but it is hidden in plain sight.

see what I mean?

we are looking externally for our happiness

we keep searching and searching

but what if we just stopped?

what if we just realised that happiness is not without

its within

what if we just decided to be happy and realise that it has been our choice all along

we were just too scared to just stop and face the truth that it is a choice.

just decide to be happy

look around and realise we have to begin with our happiness and not chase it down. you will never catch it.

there is no destination, no prize for first place

it is how long we enjoy our journey that counts

Start being happy, today.

Do the things that give you happiness and BE happy!

realise this…

Each day is a gift and not a given right

Do not take anything for granted in your life

No matter who you are,

you can BE who you want to be

You can DO what you want to do

Do not stand in your own way

because you cannot rewind a moment in your life

Time is never on your side

so what would you do if today was your last day?

would you decide today to be happy

would you do what you want, what you love, with who you love?

would you let go of the past?

Choose today to BE that day

take your first step towards your happiness.

what would that be like?

Dean x


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