I Double Dare Ya!

By on July 21, 2015
I Double Dare ya

Don’t let life just happen

Don’t just get out of bed and let “fate” decide

Don’t accept that it has to be “that” way

Make the day your day!

If you want to change your life it starts with you

It’s that simple

Every day you are gifted with breath

You have it in YOU

To choose how your day , every day will BE

You can look at each “challenge” you have

And allow it to control you

Or you can call bullshit on it

And take back control of it

Every thought that does not serve you challenge it.

Change it to a thought that does!

You have that power

Everyone does!

Wake up every day and define how you want your day to go

Set your day up for success

Simply choose to do it

Flip each challenge around

And see what happens…

…I Double Dare ya 😉

Be True (to yourSELF)
Be Courageous (to be YOU)
BE Happy (for YOU)

Dean x

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