How To Find Your True Purpose

By on July 29, 2015
What Do You Want in Life

The thing is not the thing

A while ago, I realised that the people who came to me for training, nutrition or even self defense, weren’t really after that at all.

What they were really looking for was purpose, specifically their own.

they were really searching for what their unconscious was striving to seek…. their natural bias or true will, the very purpose they exist.

I am aware that the thing is not the thing. Because I searched for the same thing

I have looked everywhere to find the answers I was looking for when in fact I had the answers all along.

So when I talk to people who have come to me for training and nutrition, I know that they are not here for the reason they think they are here.

Perplexed they are unsure and unaware of their own true potential

That is the true nature of coaching, to help them peel back the layers of conditioning, the stories they have chosen to believe, so they can find their true purpose, their true will.

Some already have it, it is simply hidden in plain sight and have spent a life time tripping over it and dismissing it in the same thought. It takes courage to stop, look and understand the thing they are “tripping over” is there for a reason.

Sometimes there is simply too much noise in their heads to see, feel and experience what they seek.

There is one, perhaps THE technique for expanding consciousness, expanding awareness of SELF.

Of all the exercises I can offer you, meditation is the most potent because once you expand your consciousness through the practice of stillness, all the other disciplines, like palate (the food you eat), addiction (sedation through alcohol, drugs, women) will become easier.

In deep meditation we are able to clear the clutter and directly access the part of us that knows our True Will, our true purpose.

In meditation simply ask: “what is my True Will?” or “why am I here?”

An answer will come but it might not always be the one you want to hear.

All I know for sure is that the universe will find the optimum route once you ask for its assistance. Those that travel with you on your journey choose to do so, it is their choice to make not yours.

The reason people do not search for locate and/or nurture their true purpose is always to do with fear.

Fear wears many hats and it often comes with a scary feeling but fear is illusory. It only exists in our minds, there is not physical reality to it (unless you apply one)

You can only change the world if you first change your mind.

and Meditation is key

Be True (To YourSELF)
Be Courageous (to BE You)
Be Happy (For You)

Dean x

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