Hire Me

I love Helping People

One of the things I enjoy immensely is imparting my skills and knowledge to a wide and varied audience. Delivering seminars/talks and training to gyms, sports teams, schools, companies and fitness enthusiasts on all areas of health, human performance and  supplementation is something I have a lot of time for and find very gratifying.

The following is a list of events I have done. If any of these are a good fit for your requirements then get in touch

  • Advanced nutrition strategies and optimum performance to  world level martial artists
  • Sports team consulting on nutrition, coaching and supplementation to all players (1st team, academy and juniors), parents & coaches.
  • Sports team consulting to advanced nutrition strategies and body composition manipulation and conditioning
  • Public seminars on nutrition and health
  • Advanced nutrition seminars for groups of personal trainers, personal training education bodies, and amateur sports teams
  • Private seminars and presentations to corporate executives
  • Public nutrition and wellness  presentations for organisations.
  • Corporate wellness days to staff
  • Private mentoring on nutrition, health, supplementation & human performance
  • Private mentoring on personal development and Life Coaching
  • Presentations on personal protection and awareness to corporate staff.
  • Self Protection workshops for the general public

If you think I can help you,or your team or company then please get in touch and I will get back to you to discuss your requirements.