“Healthier biscuits”, Fat Kids and McDonalds Calorie Counting!

By on December 5, 2011

I am truly passionate about what I do. I know in my very soul that I want to help people achieve greatness. Now “Greatness” can mean a whole host of different things to different people. But whether it is to lose weight, get fit, feel better, what ever it is I know I can play a part on their road to achieving just that.

Because I am so passionate I let emotion bubble over and things really really get to me and ranting ensures….cue ranting!

Yesterday I was in a supermarket and as i was meandering along the isles looking for what I was after (don’t you just hate it when supermarkets move all their products around, whilst strategically putting their new lines where the product you were after was for example. I get the whole marketing thing, but it is a ball ache).

Anyway I digress, Looking up an isle I was reading the product signs. In this particular isle a sign read biscuits, then further along another sign read healthier biscuits??? I mean wtf??? “healthier biscuits”!! like there is such a thing in a super market. I was half expecting to see “healthiest biscuits” at the end! I mean come on, I shudder to think that this marketing actually works. We all know that everyone looks for a quick fix to their long term health issues, but it really winds me up when time after time the food industry seeks to cash in on peoples insecurities to make another fast buck.

I know this isn’t new, the food industry are only interested in how much money can be made, beleive me, they don’t give a shit about your health, they really don’t. If they did they wouldn’t disguise food additives as other things so as to make you think it is free of the crap they say it is. I mean, for example saying a packet of hula hoops have no MSG in them then stating yeast extract as one of the ingredients on the back!!

I could rant on for ages about the food industry, but i am not, I wanted to turn my attention to the second part of my rant and that is “Fat Kids”.

I am not going to be politically correct about this and this needs saying. Parents of this world need to buck their ideas up and stop making their kids FAT!!! If I have one pet hate it is this one.

I was recently on a break with my family and we were at Chessington World of Adventure in London and i saw a boy of I am guessing 10. He was the fattest kid I had ever seen, I couldn’t beleive what I was seeing. His head was so big you could hardly see his eyes and had man boobs that would make any glamour model jealous!! My anger was directed straight to the parents for letting this lad get into this state, I had to move away before my mouth got me into trouble. Emotions can have a habit of doing that before your reasoning kicks in! I also saw an even younger lad in the supermarket as recently as yesterday, who was well on the way to the same fate.

I had to actually stop myself from speaking my disgust in the metrocentre not long ago when i saw a parent force feeding a cap full of coke to a 6 month old baby, the baby didn’t even want it and was trying to turn away! I literally had to bite my tongue as the urge was so strong to tell this person how stupid she was being!

I am sure I am not the only one who notices this on a daily basis, I just got to a point where I had to get it off my chest.

There is just no need for this at all, The parents are at fault. There is just no excuse to let you kids get so big, there just isn’t. I mean who are the adults here? since when do we allow ourselves to be dictated to by kids? We as parents have a job to do and a responsibility look after our children and so if parents are going to give into kids demands over and over and let them have bags of sweets and fizzy pop, what are we teaching them?? Tough love people, we need to cut that shit out and start looking after the future of our world. If parents truly love their kids and I am sure the majority really do, then they need to MTFU and help them be the best they can be.

I couldn’t end this rant without commenting on the news story about McDonalds putting calory values on their food.

Do we really need to know that a Big Mac is 500 calories REALLY??? I cannot beleive that everyone thought that this food was ok until they said how many calories were in it. As I was watching the news i watched someone being interviewed for this story saying it was a good idea because now we will know what we are eating!!! SERIOUSLY??? you mean you didn’t know before that mcdonalds was crap?? and now you know you are gonna stop eating it?? I don’t think so. Humans have the uncanny knack of thinking that nothing can harm them, thats what happens to other people. Well I am sorry, we may be genetically different, but if you put garbage in, then garbage comes out and in this case, that can be all manner of ailments!

Everbody, no matter who they are needs to start dealing with the consequences of their actions, whilst they say ignorance is bliss, it really isn’t, it is a road to an unhealthy life, which can result in depression, anxiety, being overweight and a list of potential fatal diseases such as cancer.

The time is now to start getting healthy and looking after ourselves and our familys. Start taking responsibility for our actions, that means looking closer to home before looking to blame anything and every thing else. Only you can make the changes to lead a better, healthier life, why not start today!


Take Care




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