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By on May 25, 2016
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A BIG reason why you may not be achieving your fitness, business (or any other) goals is your lack of awareness.

Awareness precedes change.

One of my favourite sayings, you may have heard me mention it once or twice 😉


Because without awareness, no “plan” will help since you’re not even aware of the real problem. The underlying cycle will continue to repeat itself.

As we change habits we move from…

Unconscious incompetence –> Conscious incompetence –> Conscious competence –> Unconscious incompetence

From completely unaware, to aware but no knowledge of how to change, to consciously learning and making the changes, to finally applying the change automatically without thinking about it.

To move from that first step we have to become aware of it first!

Although accountability is a big factor in success, you can only be held accountable if you’re truly committed.

And to be truly committed you have to first take ownership of your current reality.

The beauty of that is that we get to destroy our current reality that does not serve us and create a new one that does.

Sometimes we realise we have the power to change, but it feels uncomfortable and so we don’t stick with it only to let it go.

Heres why…

By deciding to change you are taking the responsibility for that action and it can be very uncomfortable. Many stories can rise out of your mind why you “couldn’t possible do it”. But ask yourself,  is that really true? or is it the voice of fear?

It can be very easy to then not do the actions required to improve your life and then blame them on something else instead so you don’t have to have that responsibility.

But without responsibility, you have no power over yourself. You relinquish control of your life to someone or something else.

Is that what you want?

Sometimes when you don’t do anything you cannot fail at it, you cannot be judged, you will not hear “I told you so”.

But if you really want to improve your life you must own it.

By taking extreme ownership, you get to accept the process and take responsibility and know it is all on you whether you succeed or not.

But this is a good thing, because even if you fail, you are still in control, still able to learn the lesson why, make adjustments and try again.

So what is your priority?

Do you want to take back control of your life, or do you want your life to control you?

e.g. from a nutrition perspective, there may be a number of things to change, but don’t try and change them all at once. decide on a step and implement it. it might be…

3 litres of water per day

Add more protein to your daily diet

Add more fats to each meal

Get more sleep

Eat and chew slower

If you struggle, ask what’s the lesson?

Do I take on less? do I make sure I do one thing consistently THEN move to the next thing when you are ready for it?

What things are you trying, but not succeeding at and blaming someone or something other than yourself?

Remember, every one has the time, its the priority you place on what you are doing that determines what you do.

So prioritise and plan what you want to change and execute the plan, consistently, day by day, week by week. until you succeed.

It doesn’t have to look a certain way, be flexible with it, but get it done.

If you have any thoughts or comments, then let me know below

Truth, Courage & Happiness

Dean x

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