Do You Have too Much Baggage to Succeed?

By on March 14, 2016
too much stuff

Have you ever noticed?

It seems as if we spend the first part of our lives collecting things…material possessions, and general baggage to try and make us happy.

we are convinced that buy shiny objects will lead to happiness

but have you ever realised?

That once you buy the thing you cannot live without it almost instantly loses its shine and so you move onto the next shiny object in the hope that it will be the answer to your smiles.

Then we get to a point in life when we realise that all of it is just “stuff”. Which doesn’t actually make much difference on our happiness or well being.

Then we spend the last part of our lives trying to get out from under it all and maybe patch up our damaged health or our poor relationships that we sacrificed in getting all this stuff.

Thing is until we start looking inside ourselves, we will still search everywhere else for the solution or blame everyone or thing why we don’t, even when the answer is right in front of us (or actually inside of us) all along. Sometimes we are just forced to confront them.

Like now.

I have been the same. Working so hard on everyone elses happiness I had been neglecting my own. I just never realised it at the time.

You see I love to help people, it is why I am here on this planet. But there is something I knew I should do first, but neglected to do until I forced myself to…

…to look after myself first.


If you know me, you probably know that can be terrible at getting back to you. Sometimes doing everything last minute, its never intentional.

You see I have been telling myself I haven’t got time to deal with all the work I have to do.

But I have called myself out my own B.S. It isn’t a tonne of messages or emails or enquiries I was faced with, it was because I am so unorganised.

Too much in my head, too much “stuff” on my desk to sort out.

This stuff can wear you out. We humans do that a lot to justify our actions. Make excuses as to why was cannot do something, It makes us feel better for the lack of success we’re having.


It doesn’t serve you AT ALL

Hiding behind the truth, scared in case you get found out. I’m willing to put money on it that you’re doing the same with your body.

Maybe you have sacrificed your body for you career or for raising your family and like me telling my self I am too busy.

You’ve been telling yourself you have no time for exercise,

You have no time to prepare your meals,

But in reality…. you’re spending wasted minutes in the day on Facebook – those minutes add up!

{TIP: Download the app “break free” to find out how much time you’re wasting on social media}

Or suppressing this lack of progress with naughty food, booze, internet, TV..etc

and because you’ve not been taking care of yourself, you’re not as productive at work, so your finances are not reaching their potential. You’re not present at home, so your not being intimate with your partner.

This all stems from not looking after yourself first.

i.e. You happiness, your fitness, your nutrition.

But the truth is too obvious and because it requires a change of routine, it’s easier to suppress the pain your covering up, with more sedation, more food, booze, tv, and internet etc…

So you continue to tell yourself LIES to justify why you cannot change and like me, you probably have had too much baggage in your environment.

So how about this…

Start by having a clear out

Bag up the clothes that you no longer wear,

Clean everything…Maybe you think you are dancing the hoover around like Mrs Doubtfire,

But probably look more like Freddie Mercury in the music video “I want to break free” wink emoticon

Change the bed sheets, open the windows, clear your workspace, get your feng shui on and feel zen like.

More importantly… De-stress and wipe the slate clean

Make the fresh start!

It’s SHOCKING how much environment stress weighs us down.

So just by detoxing your environment, you will feel that weight lift from your shoulders.

It’s an amazing feeling.

Taking the first step is the biggest effort

Once you have done that we can take care of other baggage for you…

like emotional stress

and digestive stress.

exercise stress…

So When will you be ready to deposit some energy into YOURSELF to become a better version of yourself?

let me know below…

Be True
Be Courageous
Be Happy

Dean x

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