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By on October 20, 2010
Boxing Conditioning

Hey there everyone, hope you are all having a great day!

Just had a great conditioning session and I thought  I would share it with you.

I always like to challenge myself with new routines to keep things fresh, Sometimes you have just got to think out side the box and change things up every now and then. The principle for this conditioning session being an interval accumulator.

What the hell are you on about I hear you cry? well it is simple. Pick an exercise that you want to focus on (in this case I used the heavy bag, but it could just as well be any exercise), but to break it up add or “accumulate” more exercises in between. So after every round keep adding another exercise to it to make it harder and to push you that bit further. It is too easy to pick easy exercises and not push yourself. Remember the harder you go the more rewards you will reap.

This is the conditioning circuit I did, The heavy bag conditioning accumulator. Not everyone has access to a heavy bag, so it could easily have been push ups or squats or burpees. But please remember that it is this exercise that you will do the most of.  For me I wanted the session to move fast with big body movements and get plenty bag work in.

Lets get on with it, here it is…..

Heavy Bag Accumulator:

30 seconds per exercise with 10 seconds between exercises (this is really to just get into position so it doesn’t cut into your interval time for the next exercise).

Start with Heavy bag, you could keep the bag work the same or mix it up to keep it interesting. I like to add speed work and power punching, basic movements but are still gruelling and then do an “all in” round where anything goes. Then add an exercise after it and so on.


  • Bag, Rope,  Bag, lateral burpee, (Rest 30 secs)
  • Bag, Rope,  Bag, lateral burpee,  Bag, Rope, (Rest 30 secs)
  • Bag, Rope,  Bag, lateral burpee,  Bag, Rope,  Bag, Squat, (Rest 30 secs)
  • Bag, Rope,  Bag, lateral burpee,  Bag, Rope,  Bag, Squat,  Bag, Med Ball Burpee, (Rest 30 secs)
  • Bag, Rope,  Bag, lateral burpee,  Bag, Rope,  Bag, Squat,  Bag, Med Ball Burpee,  Bag, MB Squat jumps, (Rest 30 secs)

As you can see the intensity of the session increases as you go on and it requires you to push through your fatigue to keep on track.

The whole thing can be completed it 20-25 minutes, so there are NO excuses for lack of time!

Stay strong



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Erik Shon says:

Can you do this with weights and machines if you don’t have a bag?

DeanCoulson says:

The idea of this is conditioning is to push fatigue and tax your energy systems. Weights and machines could be used, it just depends on the exercises

This is a very interesting concept. I’ll give it a try and get back to you!

Thanks for the post!