Can You Forgive Yourself?

By on April 28, 2018
forgive yourself - Dean Coulson


It’s one thing forgiving others but much harder forgiving yourself.

I would forgive my son

I would forgive my wife

I would forgive my family

But i found it always easier to forgive others than forgive myself.

I used to beat myself up, mangle myself, be so hard on myself and for what?

To make myself feel shit.

How does that serve me?

Have you ever done that?

Being so self critical and self judgemental.

It certainly didn’t serve me at all,

It certainly didn’t make me feel good.

So I decided that I would conserve my energy and let it go.

I realised that some days it just beats you.

Sometimes the anger beats you

Sometimes the jealousy beats you

Sometimes the rage beats you

Sometimes the judgement beats you

Sometimes the envy beats you

You just get mangled and that’s ok.

It means you are on the right path and there are lessons to learn.

If you don’t have days when you feel beaten, you are not in the right arena.

You are not challenging yourself enough to grow, to feel discomfort.

You are not asking the right questions of yourself

If we cannot forgive ourselves then we are not living in the present moment.

So breathe

So give yourself a break.

Take it easy on yourself.

Everything will be ok.

Dean x

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