Brain Explosion – Information Overload

By on March 6, 2015
Too Much Overwhelming Information

Too Much Information!

Never before has there been so much information on nutrition, training, wellness and health

With all of this information you would think it would lead to a planet of lean, fit, strong human beings

Hold up!

That ain’t what the stats say.

in fact the world is never been so full of sick, fat and tired people!

So whats the problem?


There is simply too much

People do not know what to believe anymore

who is right?

what is right?

this confusion leads to one thing


a confused mind simply says no

have you ever had too many choices and thought sod it and didn’t bother?

Lets think of it like this

The people I see have been to a gym, a doctor and maybe even a chiropractor at some point for some problem that they want to fix.

Then they come and see me, they have also googled it to see the 1000’s of pages about the search they entered

Who’s right?

4 opinions, to 1000’s on the internet!

Do you think there would be confusion?



I mean who is right?

Everyone is going to argue their case of course.

What I know is this.

I can offer my opinion on their problem and offer the solution I think will give them what they want.

Thats it!

The reason why I can give an opinion is because of the experience and knowledge I have accumulated and results I have created for countless clients I have had.

I do not discount the other information, I simply provide an alternative view and ask that it is simply acknowledged and looked into instead of being dismissed as “pseudoscience” because it doesn’t fit with the opinion of others.

I am not here to sway your decision.

I am here to give you my opinion, based on the applied knowledge and experiences I have had in this field.

And unlike some doctors, I encourage my clients to open their minds up.

A doctor’s opinion can help the client decide for himself, but I’ve have had many doctors attempt to override my educated opinion with their opinions.

So, the best one can do is help the client become empowered with knowledge. Knowledge you have spent many 1000’s of hours researching and testing and refining.

so I send links and make videos

I write articles and send informative emails.

I do webinars and seminars and 1 to 1 coaching both face to face and via skype.

If the goal as a doctor is to educate, that’s the only job.

The decisions must be left up to the patient.
It is always up to you.

Be True (to yourself)

Be Courageous (to believe in you)

Be Happy (In yourself)


Dean x


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