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By on November 11, 2015
dean coulson - be deliberate

The best way to change a habit is to alter its purpose.

Do you train as a punishment for eating junk food or are you exercising to improve body composition or performance?

If its punishment then those workouts will always be “punishing” and will always make you feel you did something bad and will have negative feelings towards what you are doing.

If its for improvement then those workouts will help you improve and you will make something become better, which will make you feel good about yourself.

Do you eat anything you want because you are convinced that you can out train your bad diet (how is that working for you?)
or do you eat to fuel your performance for every session, so you can improve your fitness and body composition?

Every skill or behaviour, whether it is improving nutrition or improving in training starts with the basics.

The foundation or building blocks are vitally important to get right, just like when a house is built. Get the foundations right and the house is solid.
Build on it shaky foundations? well we know whats going to happen eventually.

Lets look at movement during exercise. This may start with the way you stand, walk and breathe (and those things are made up of other pieces). Believe it or not, if these are not right, adding more complex exercises will expose you and you have a real possibility of recurring injury.

Eating Healthy could start with your relationship with food, or something like eating slowly and mindfully or even knowing how to compose a nutrient dense meal that will serve your need. Eating fast can run the risk of you over eating. Not preparing meals and eating “on the run” will not give your body the nutrients it needs and will keep demanding from you until it does.

These building blocks cannot be approached randomly. They need order and structure and progression.

You have to intentionally and deliberately focus on what you are doing to improve, whether it is your training or your diet. Nothing can be left to chance.

When was the last time you got good at something without focusing on the little steps first?

When was the last time you got good at something when you didn’t really know why you were doing it?

When was the last time you got good at something when you didn’t focus on how well you were actually doing it and giving yourself a high 5?

If you don’t nail the foundations, if you don’t know why you are doing it or focused on the task, how do you expect to improve?

But when we try something for a reason, aware of how well we did then make adjustments to improve and try again, we learn. We learn quicker, and better.

Because we have our goals and are focusing on them, whether it is weight loss, muscle building or moving better. We start getting a feel for from them, more intuition than having to think about it.

It becomes a habit

so whatever you want to achieve, make deliberate mindful actions to achieve it.

Do not take anything for granted.

Don’t leave anything to chance

take control

and choose!

Be True
Be Courageous
Be Happy

Dean x

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