Bad Training Days

By on January 14, 2010
Burnt out guy

I am sure everybody has gone through this, you get all fired up for a training session, got a real good feeling, get to the gym and it just doesn’t go right for you, in fact nothing went right!

What do you do when a session hasn’t gone as planned, in fact what if it sucked?

Do you:

  • Go in a strop for the rest of the day?
  • Let it affect your next session by not doing that exercise again?
  • Stop training for a while?
  • Never train again?

If the answer is yes to any of the above questions then you need change how you think and soon.

Some of the above might sound a bit extreme to some of you, but I have actually seen it happen with some people!

Bashing yourself up about it ain’t the way to go.  It can lead to all kinds of negativity and self doubt, eventually leading to stopping doing things altogether.

Back in the saddle

The first thing you must do is don’t get so wrapped up in it. If the session was crap, then deal with it and move on. Use it to push yourself the next time, do not over analysis it and continually question, this is the path to self doubt, so that the next time you are at the gym you will be thinking about how you couldn’t lift a particular weight and it will have an adverse affect.

I deal with it by getting mad with myself for losing the battle and making damn sure next time that I win it, whether it is with the iron or with a conditioning drill. Whatever it is will be destroyed the next time.

Injury & Illness

Of course there are times when there will be other situations, such as if you get injured or if there is something underlying like a bug which doesn’t allow you to perform at the level that you are used to. In these cases, each issue should be assessed on its own merits, however these are only lapses, don’t allow them to manifest into weeks off the gym (unless of course it is serious!).

Journal it!

Of course the only way to remember what didn’t go right is to keep a training journal. Sometimes reflecting back over the previous week provides an answer to what happened, but at the very least, it gives you that target that you will be gunning for.

Get mad and annihilate it!




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