Animal Training for Warriors

By on July 15, 2010

A while Back I visited a wild animal park with my Family, it was amazing to see so many animals, in particular the Big Cats. They are the epitome of what we should strive to achieve on a fitness level. These beasts are awesome, I stood there and watched as a 25 stone tiger climbed a telegraph pole effortlessly to get some meat. It was truly incredible.

These amazing animals are in phenomenal condition, they exude power and conditioning by the bucket load. It was good to see the keeper being inventive and keeping them in shape by making them climb telegraph poles! Can you imagine climbing a pole at 25 stone especially as gracefully as these beasts?????

We can learn a lot about animal training from creatures such as this. For one, the only thing they use is bodyweight, no trips to the gym for them, just hunting food and surviving in the wild. Granted they are pretty well equipped to do so!

Although it ain’t sound practice to go live outside in the wild and go killing things to eat to get into awesome shape like these animals, sometimes it is worth looking at mammals and to emulate them in training.

The next time you are going to do some conditioning, think about adding the following into your training……

Bunny Hop

Start in a squatting position, hands behind your head and hop around.

Bear Crawl

Walk on all fours with your butt in the air, move left hand and left foot together then right hand and right foot at a brisk pace.

Crab Walk

Again on all fours, but this time with your stomach facing upwards. Walk forwards backwards and sideways.

Frog Jump

Start in the squat position with you hands on the floor in front of you.Jump forward and land on your hands and feet at the same time.

Inch worm

Start with your feet shoulder width apart, bend forward until your hands reach the floor. Walk your hands forward as far as you can without your stomach touching the floor, then reverse the process, walking your hands back to their starting position.

Kangaroo jump

Begin in a squat position. Jump forward and upwards at the same time, fully extend yourself during the jump. Make sure to land back in a squat position and repeat.

Alligator walk

go into the bottom position of a push up with your arms by your sides and without your torso touching the ground.Move forward left hand and left foot then right hand and right foot.

Get to it

The beauty of these exercises is that they can be done anywhere. The next time you think about doing sprints or shuttles, try doing them this way, I guarantee that you will immediately feel the burn.

in fact try the following shuttle complex….

mark out 25 metres, pick 4 of the exercises above and do them without rest. Rest 1 minute and repeat 8 times.

And before you say it, who cares what people might think or say when you are seen doing these movements. Who cares!!! Get them down doing it, I guarantee they will soon shut up!

Train hard, train strong!

Dean Coulson



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Daniel says:

Very nice, Dean. I’m a big fan of bodyweight & quadrapedal movements.

lee says:

awesome post deano 🙂