A Warrior Cry To Your Soul

By on June 17, 2016
Warrior Cry to your soul

To make a commitment to change and to alter ones path takes courage.

It takes a realisation that what ever you are doing is not serving you and so you draw a line, make a stand, a declaration to be brutally honest with yourself and challenge the very fabric of your being to see if it is you or other influences controlling your destiny.

If you feel powerless, then take steps to alter your internal environment and change direction and take back your power.

Do you hold sovereignty over yourself, are you in control of you?
or do you allow yourself to be controlled?

What influences are you allowing to preside over you? What reasons are you using to prevent action?

YOU get to choose the thoughts you have and actions you take.
Do not wait, do not hesitate!

The first rule of mastering yourself is to master your palate, what you consume…the food that you eat.

Once you master that you can apply that template to master anything.

Do you control what you ingest? Or do you continue to make excuses as to why you do not, can not, will not!

Consumption is not the problem.

Denial is the problem.

Being a warrior is about brutal self honesty.

It is about knowing yourself inside and out so that you cannot get away with kidding yourself.

What are you kidding yourself about?

What reasons are you using why you cannot be who you want to be?

Post below or send me a message if you are struggling and need some help with that.

Truth, courage & happiness



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