3 Things to avoid on Holiday

By on August 12, 2010
Running on Holiday

Hey everyone, recently got back from holiday and had to put up my thoughts on training when you are away on vacation, so here they are…………


I repeat


you should be kicking back and be relaxing!

Don’t Do it!

Here are 3 possible examples of what you might get the urge to do…………..

1) Go out running! For one thing it is just plain cazy to go out running it the heat, it looks so painful! shuffling along leaking more water than you can take in and on top of that you end up lost?!?!? WTF??? No way! not when you could be lying by the pool chilling out!

2) Try to build a sand Castle the size of a small mountain!!! too much effort required!!! Lets your kids do it whilst you lay on the beach and listen to the waves come in!

3) Participate is some crazy assed sport that a holiday rep drags you too.

Ok, so they sound crazy right? but you would be amazed how many people cannot switch off and chill out on holiday!

I have recently spent a great 12 days on holiday with the family. It is always great to get away from it all and really relax and not worry about anything including training.

Your body requires rest and and recuperation through out the year but spending time relaxing away from your normal environment is a great way to recharge your batteries.

The Old Days

It wasn’t always that way for me. Before I had my little lad and was just gung ho training, I went on every holiday armed with my skipping rope and my bodyweight as my tools of choice for training whilst I was away.

My wife thought I was crazy, but alas that made no difference, if I had a half hour going spare, I would pulling myself up trees, squatting, push ups you name it. Skipping was my favourite, however I don’t recommend skipping on a beach, it just doesn’t work, no matter how much you try!

For the people that know me I am known for my drive and intensity when I am training, I just keep going and going. If I can make an exercise harder I will, I really do have a masochistic streak. However as I have gotten older I have also gotten wiser and now I do not do a thing when I am on holiday other than relax and have fun. In the scheme of things you won’t lose much by way of strength or conditioning. Sure it will dip, but letting your body rest and recuperate are more important values in my book.

Some may argue that they need to exercise and believe me, I hear ya, but the bottom line is this….

You, your body and your mind need to back off every once in a while. Realistically you should factoring in a week of complete rest or decreased training volume every 8 weeks or so. Go find something else to do, just take it easy.

And nobody knows that more than me!

You got any comments on holiday training craziness then fire away, I would love to hear from you.

Stay Healthy



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