20 Rep Shuffle

By on August 25, 2010
20 Rep Shuffle

Hey there, just wanted to post up my training session from today.

You don’t need much equipment to put yourself through a gruelling training session. As you can see from the picture, a box, med ball, a pair of dumbbells and something to jump over is all I used, hell you could get away without any at all, your bodyweight would take care of the rest.

Today was a conditioning day and so used a modified version of the conditioning circuit I gave my class last night, they rocked it and I missed out, so not to be out done I swapped it about and changed the rules using repetitions instead of being against the clock.

The difference between reps and time is that depending on time limits, reps can be harder, no clock saving you, you just gotta rep it out!

I picked 10 stations, 20 reps per station and no rest until the circuit is done. By completing 5 circuits it gives you 100 reps per exercise!

  • Box jump – Standing jump on and off a box, bench etc
  • Dips – Off the box or bench
  • Frog Jumps – Squatting down palms on the floor and jumping up
  • Dumbbell punches- Light dumbbells, arms moving in and out in front of you
  • Prisoner Squats – Hands behind your head, squatting down and up
  • Med Ball Slams – Pick a med ball above your head and slam to the ground fast!
  • Dumbbell Lunges – As you lunge down, press dumbbells into the air
  • Lateral Burpees – Perform burpee, jump sideways over an object and repeat
  • Pushups – Different variations (Wide, Normal, Narrow, Pike, Divebomber)
  • Skipping rope – High knees, keeping a fast cadence

So 20 reps per station, with the exception of 2, You ain’t gonna get much from 20 dumbbell punches and 20 rope turns, so I upped them to 100 each.

Train Hard, keep lean!

The beauty of the 20 rep shuffle is that it is versatile, exercises can be changed, number of reps or number of circuits. But remember… IT IS MEANT TO BE HARD….. No shirking off!

This is a great way to burn fat, save lean muscle and build explosive power and build a high level of stamina, muscular endurance all in one simple workout.

I would love you to drop me a comment about this workout or anything else you want to know

So there you have it the 20 rep shuffle…….With a twist

Stay strong, stay fit and I will speak to you soon.




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